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Castor Oil uses for Skin

Castor Oil Use for skin
Castor oil Benefits for skin

Castor Oil Benefits for Skin

Castor oil is unlike other oils. Since it has cleansing and anti-fungal properties, it makes for an  excellent skin care agent. Below I will explore different ways castor oil benefits for skin.

Castor Oil Uses for Skin: Moisturizing Skin

Since castor oil is high in fatty acids, these fatty acids which penetrate the skin deeply, healing dry spots and protecting the cells by providing them with an oil coating. The face is a part of your body that is exposed most to the most harmful elements of the environment such as the sun and wind. Castor oil is a particular benefit for the face as it acts as a natural protector.

Castor Oil Uses for Skin: Help to Reduce and Prevent Acne

A second benefit of castor for the skin is it helps to combat acne. Castor oil can act as a prevention treatment for acne. Since castor oil contains anti bacterial properties which helps minimize the irritation and bacteria caused when the skin sweats or has oil build up which in turn helps to prevent acne. If you have a breakout, you can dab a bit of castor oil on it to reduce the redness and swelling.

Apply the oil to clean skin in order to reduce the chances of an acne breakout. Applying the coil will prevent build up thus discouraging breakouts. Acne sufferers have often boasted that when using castor oil  their acne was minimized both the  duration and occurrence of breakouts.

Castor Oil Use for Skin: Helps to Reduce Wrinkles and Other Facial Lines

Many people use castor oil to reduce skin lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles around the area where the skin creases began to become more pronounced as we age. This is noted as we are smiling or talking, castor oil can moisturize and reduce the wrinkles. However, this is only temporary, the lines and wrinkles will appear once you stop using the oil.

Castor Oil use for Skin: Scar Reduction

Castor oil can help diminish the look for a scar. Scar tissue is composed of tough cells which are designed to protect injured cells from further harm. But scars appears as annoying blemishes. Applying castor oil can help reduce the harsh appearance of scars. The results may take a long time to be effective, but the result are permanent . Since castor oil contains fatty acids which will penetrate deep into the scar tissue , helping to create healthy tissues.

Those are the following castor oil benefits for the skin. Click the next article to find out how you can use castor oil on your skin by applying it.

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