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Castor Oil for Foot Pain

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Foot Pain The foot gets   plenty of physical activity through walking and running. It’s normal to have slight foot pains at times. However, persistent foot pain  is  not normal and has a number of causes. Causes of Foot Pain Athletes foot can lead to foot pain Warts on the foot Injures can cause foot pain Arthritis can cause pain Fungi, ... Read More »

Castor Oil For Yeast Infections

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Yeast Infection Yeast infections are also  called candida. These fungus can live in your body and affect it in a variety of ways: Can  cause skin itching and rashes Vaginal discharge, itchiness and pain Can make swallowing painful White patches in mouth Signs and Symptoms Vaginal discharge thick, white or watery Rashes Vaginal pain Itchiness and irritation Burning sensations Swelling ... Read More »

Castor Oil for Face Moisturizer

Castor Oil Use for skin

Moisturizer  is used to prevent the skin from  becoming too dry. Moisturizers can treat  skin conditions like eczema and dry skin. It can make the skin appear healthier. Facial Skin Types Normal type facial skin  not oily or dry refers to skin that is neither prone to dryness nor oiliness. Dry type facial skin  is tight and rough Facial  skin ... Read More »

Castor Oil for Ear Wax

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  What is Ear Wax? Ear wax is a substance that is naturally produced by the human body. It contains and saturated and unsaturated fat along with cholesterol, squalene, and alcohols. Earwax helps to protect your ear by trapping  dirt and eliminating bacteria.   Sometimes your earwax becomes compacted……..   Symptoms of an earwax impaction include: Dizziness Decreased hearing Ringing ... Read More »

Castor Oil for Ear Infection

Castor Oil for Ear Infection

What is an Ear Infection? Ear infections occur in two places: in the ear canal and in the middle ear. Ear infections can be acute which are short term ear infections. Chronic ear infections are ongoing and can cause permanent damage to the inner and middle ear. Signs and Symptoms of ear Infections Having an inflamed eardrum Ear Pain and ... Read More »

Castor Oil For Bloating

castor oil for bloating

Castor Oil for Bloating Bloating is when the belly is swollen after eating.Bloating is caused  by  movement in digestive system,and excess gas. These activities can make the stomach look bigger.   Signs and Symptoms of Bloating Weight loss:One sign of bloating is weight loss,tumors can press on the intestine making you  feel full after a small amount of food. Ascites ... Read More »

Castor Oil for Skin Pigmentation

castor oil skin pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation   Skin Pigmentation means the color of the skin is discolored. Skin color comes from a pigment called melanin. Melanin comes from cells in the skin. Cells in the skin can become damaged and when they do it effects melanin production.   There are different types of skin pigmentation disorders. Albinism effects one sort of skin disorder, it ... Read More »

Castor oil for toothache

Castor oil for toothache

However, did you know that castor oil can also be used to treat toothaches? Well, Yes it can! Below I will explain in detail how I came to use castor to treat my toothache. A couple of years ago I had a really deep cavity. After I went to the dentist to have my cavity filled, I started to experience ... Read More »

Castor oil for pink eye

castor oil for the pink eye

Castor oil is a thick yellow oil that comes from castor beans. It has a variety of health benefits. Conjunctivits or the “pink eye” is a form of eye irritation. The condition derives from the inflammation of the white part of the eye and eyelid. This area is known as the “conjunctiva” an area which lines the inner eyelid and ... Read More »

Castor Oil For Rashes

castor oil for rashes

Rashes are scaly, dry, and itchy. They are overall just annoying. When you get one, you just want to know how to get rid of it as soon as possible. But did you know that castor oil is a great treatment for rashes? Yes, you can use castor oil instead of chemical over the counter medications to treat your rash ... Read More »