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Castor Oil and Mustard Oil for Hair Growth

There are times when people seek the most beneficial remedies or treatment methods for promoting hair growth. This can be due to genetically weak hair growth or due to hair loss. From amongst these two, hair loss is the most common issue.   Most Common Causes of Hair Loss Certain diseases can cause hair loss. These diseases include alopecia areata, …

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Castor Oil and Meconium

  When a baby is born, the first few stools that it passes are different from the later feces. This is because this early feces contains things that the baby has digested during its stay in the uterus such as bile, mucus, water, etc. Meconium continues for at about three days so the baby’s digestive system completely gets rid of …

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Castor Oil Packs for Night Sweats

Reducing and Preventing Hot Flashes with Castor Oil Packs   Hot flashes, also called night sweats, spreads excess warmness in your entire body, mostly on the neck, face and chest. It can leave your heart beating harder and may flush your skin, making you look all ready and sweaty as it also makes you sweat even if the weather isn’t …

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Castor Oil Packs for Neuropathy

Soothe Any Neuropathy Medical Conditions with Effective Castor Oil Packs Neuropathy is a term used for medical conditions that are related to the nervous system of the human body. This includes all the nerves, such as the sensory nerves, motor nerves and the automatic nerves. Neuropathy is referred to all nervous problems, weather it is one nerve that is affected …

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Castor Oil Packs for Delayed Periods

Castor Oil is natural oil produced by pressing the seeds of the castor plant. Castor oil is used widely in every continent as it has many benefits. The most common use of castor oil is by patients suffering from problems in their digestive system such as constipation. Aside from helping with stomach related problems, castor oil is also beneficial for …

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