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Using Castor oil for a flat stomach: Using Castor oil for Belly Fat

Castor oil for a flat stomach - I  have always been relatively thin. Slender body types runs on both sides of my family. I never had a problem with maintaining my weight.  In fact, at one point I thought I was too skinny and I tried to gain weight. My luck changed after the age of 25. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was standing up working on my computer in my bedroom.

And I noticed what seemed to be a protruding belly. It was round and hard. My first thought was that maybe that I ate a little too much yesterday and that I needed to have a few bowel movements. Because, you know, I had problems with constipation and bloating in the past and it usually went away after I cleansed myself out.  A couple of days passed and I looked down at my belly once more. It was not flat. It in fact, only got bigger.


So, I was like ok there’s no more denial: I’m fat. Little bean pole me was finally get fat. So I decided to take action before my condition worsened. I decided to take a critical look at my diet. At the time,  I was eating herbs and nuts but was overconsuming on processed foods, fatty foods, sodas, and all the bad stuff.

I started to eat fresh citrus food in the morning along with a herbal tea. My extra weight diminished and my stomach was flat for monthes.

After a few months, I suddenly had a craving for sugar and fat. Cookies, cake, fast foods you name it I wanted it and I ate it.  But I mainly was addicted to food that contained bread.

I regularly ate chicken sandwiches, doughnuts, egg and ham sandwiches, anything with bread I ate. Within 2 weeks my belly began to bloat again. So the first thing I did again was cut down on eating bread particularly in the morning but this time I didn’t stop completely. You know, I splurged on sweets and some processed foods occasionally.  Then I did something new, I incorporated castor oil into my daily routine and diet. What I mean by this is I started to use castor oil packs on a weekly basis. Then, every other day I would drink about a tablespoon. What happened was my bowel movements increased considerably. This this is because castor oil detox the body and castor oil packs detoxs the liver. Not only my stomach went back flat but I felt better. Below I have complied tips if you’re having belly fat problems and want to get a flat stomach:


Belly Fat and Diet

Eliminate foods that cause belly fat, particularly foods that contain unnatural ingredients, perseveratives, and gmos,. Processed foods are a big culprit here. Here are a few tips to remember




  1. Overeating is the primary cause of bloating. To prevent overeating, eat more organic foods which contain more nutrients. Modern food, most of which is found in todays’ grocery stores and restaurants tends to be depleted of key nutrients. So it’s important you which to a more organic diet. I make sure to incorporate fresh organic meat, herbs, and product into mine. The more nutrients your food has the less hungry you feel and the less you need to eat
  2. Avoid too much fatty food. Eat slowly as eating too fast contributes to belly fat
  3. Sweet foods particularly those that contain artificial sweeteners contributes to belly fat. It’s best to be avoided. Fructose, is a sweetener that is added to much processed food and most people cannot digest. Avoid this sweetener especially.
  4. Dairy products is a source of bloating and belly fat. A lot of cows are shot with antibiotics and fed gmos and other unnatural foods sources. This makes digestion of dairy products difficult.
  5. Wheat and Grains. Most wheat is genetically modified which is basically food created in the lab. Gmos have health risks. Avoid a diet high in wheat and grains.

Using Castor oil to Aid you in Getting Fat Stomach

  1. Use castor oil packs once per day.
  2. Drink a Tablespoon of castor oil once or twice per day as need to achieve a flat stomach.



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