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Castor Oil for Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds is a common health condition caused due to damage to the tiny blood vessels lining the nostrils. Severe nose bleeding can result in a lot of blood loss, thus should be treated immediately. Most nosebleeds are treated at home using different home remedies. One of the best and effective home remedies for treating nosebleeds is by using castor oil. …

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Castor Oil for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are one of the common health problems associated with the urinary tract. Kidney stones are very painful.   They can even distract one’s normal activities. Because of this, many people try their level best to get rid of kidney stones as quick as possible as it is uncomfortable to live with or perhaps to stay with untreated kidney …

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Castor Oil for Keratosis

A normal human being always enjoy sunshine especially during the mid-morning hour. However, constant exposure of skin to sun rays can be harmful to our health and cause some skin disorders.   Keratosis is one of the skin disorder caused due to constant exposure of the skin to sun rays. Keratosis is usually a growth that appears from the skin …

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Castor Oil for Keloids

They are some treatments used for keloids. Removing the scars is one of the treatments for keloids though it can result in severe consequences.   Furthermore, there is a higher probability that the wound caused by the surgery can later heal to form a keloid scar again. Laser treatments also bring poor outcomes. In this article, you will know of …

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Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

The majority of women believe that lush hair adds a lot when it comes to beauty. For that reasons, women die to try to maintain their hair well so as they can wear that beautiful, attractive look. Unfortunately, with increased population and poverty, lack of healthy foods and poor living conditions, hair roots are not getting enough nutrition and support …

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