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Castor oil and baking soda

castor oil and baking soda

Using castor oil and baking soda to remove moles and skin tags I still remember, as a child, my grandma recommended castor oil for just about every ailment possible. To her, castor oil was a jack of all trades. Researchers over the years have proven that granny wasn’t wrong at that. While, castor oil with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties ...

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Castor Oil for Corns and Calluses

castor oil for corns and calluses

Corns and calluses are skin conditions which can affect people of all ages. They are not painful but cause a lot of discomfort.  This skin condition is caused when the skin area suffers extreme friction or pressure such as: Walking too much. Wearing high heels for a long duration. Poorly fitted shoes that move and rub along your skin as ...

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Castor Oil for Candida

Candida is a type of yeast that can cause fungal infections. It can affect any area such as intestines, liver, lungs, heart valves, etc. Sometimes this infection even enters the bloodstream and cause overall sickness. Antibiotics promote yeast infection and people who suffer from diabetes or have a weak immune system are prone to yeast infection. Candida appears in large ...

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Castor oil and PCOS

How to use castor oil to treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a kind of endocrine system disorder which is common in women of reproductive age. Women down with PCOS tend to have enlarged ovaries with a small collection of fluid called follicles. PCOS symptoms include prolonged menstrual periods, acne and excessive hair growth. Since, PCOS ...

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Castor oil and parasites

For centuries, castor oil has been used to cure a variety of ailments, largely for internal body cleansing. As a body cleanser, castor oil functions as food fiber. Fiber is an excellent ingredient to clean the intestines and colon and helps remove parasites feeding on the body tissues. Castor oil and parasites don’t need much explanation, but for a clearer understanding, ...

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Castor oil and Olive oil

There are moments in life when you feel sluggish or inferior just because of minor health issues like hair loss or some obvious skin problems. Such problems can be cured easily with the daily use of castor oil and olive oil after consulting the doctor. The rich moisturizing and acidic properties of these oils make them one of the widely used all-natural ...

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Castor oil and Aloe Vera

Beauty benefits of using castor oil and aloe vera Castor oil and aloe vera both have magical properties. While castor oil is magical oil owing to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which make it useful in various health and beauty treatments. Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that has amazing health and beauty benefits. Both Aloe Vera and castor oil ...

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Castor Oil and Almond Oil

Castor Oil is natural oil produced by pressing the seeds of the castor plant. Castor oil is used widely in every continent as it has many benefits. The most common use of castor oil is by patients suffering from problems in their digestive system such as constipation. Aside from helping with stomach related problems, castor oil is also beneficial for ...

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Castor Oil for Boils

Boils are one of the most painful and common skin diseases that can affect people of any age group. It is formed due to an infection in the hair follicles and turn into bumps that often grow in size. After about four days, pus starts collecting in these bumps.  These boils are a bit difficult to heal and the pus ...

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Castor Oil and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a structure in the anal canal which helps to controls the human’s stool system. If the hemorrhoids get infected or catch disease, the veins swell up and disturb the entire stool system. The symptoms of swollen or infected hemorrhoids are: •    Constant and irritating pain and itching sensation in and around the anus. •    Extreme discomfort and irritation ...

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Castor Oil and Orange Juice

Castor oil is made from the seeds of the castor oil plant. It is a pale yellow liquid and is used in the production of many everyday products that we use such as soaps, wax, paints, etc. Aside from being used for making such products, castor oil has also been used an herbal remedy to cure many different kinds of ...

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Castor Oil and Vitamin E

castor oil and vitamin e

Castor Oil is one of the most widely used ingredients in natural herbal remedies for health and beauty purposes. It is used in every part of the world and yearly, about 300,000 tons of castor oil is produced in order to meet its demand. Aside from being used in herbal remedies, castor oil is also used to produce some basic ...

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Castor Oil for Foot Pain

castor oil for foot pain

Foot Pain The foot gets   plenty of physical activity through walking and running. It’s normal to have slight foot pains at times. However, persistent foot pain  is  not normal and has a number of causes. Causes of Foot Pain Athletes foot can lead to foot pain Warts on the foot Injures can cause foot pain Arthritis can cause pain Fungi, ...

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Castor Oil For Yeast Infections

Yeast Infection Yeast infections are also  called candida. These fungus can live in your body and affect it in a variety of ways: Can  cause skin itching and rashes Vaginal discharge, itchiness and pain Can make swallowing painful White patches in mouth Signs and Symptoms Vaginal discharge thick, white or watery Rashes Vaginal pain Itchiness and irritation Burning sensations Swelling ...

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Castor Oil for Face Moisturizer

Castor Oil Use for skin

Moisturizer  is used to prevent the skin from  becoming too dry. Moisturizers can treat  skin conditions like eczema and dry skin. It can make the skin appear healthier. Facial Skin Types Normal type facial skin  not oily or dry refers to skin that is neither prone to dryness nor oiliness. Dry type facial skin  is tight and rough Facial  skin ...

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