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Castor Oil for Scar Tissue

Castor oil, since ancient times, was  used for medication purposes. Castor oil is a product of castor beans that contains a triglyceride compound known as ribonucleic acid, which is one of the essential amino acids required by the body.   Applying castor oil on scars will not remove the scars completely from the skin or enhance new skin growth but …

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Castor Oil for Keratosis

A normal human being always enjoy sunshine especially during the mid-morning hour. However, constant exposure of skin to sun rays can be harmful to our health and cause some skin disorders.   Keratosis is one of the skin disorder caused due to constant exposure of the skin to sun rays. Keratosis is usually a growth that appears from the skin …

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Castor Oil for Keloids

They are some treatments used for keloids. Removing the scars is one of the treatments for keloids though it can result in severe consequences.   Furthermore, there is a higher probability that the wound caused by the surgery can later heal to form a keloid scar again. Laser treatments also bring poor outcomes. In this article, you will know of …

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Castor Oil for Eye Wrinkles

When a person sees you, the first thing that they see and notice in you is your eyes. That is why, those who have naturally pretty eyes consider it as a major benefit and the rest make use of different methods to enhance the beauty of their eyes. This means reducing dark circles that are caused due to deficiency of …

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Castor Oil and Almond Oil

Castor Oil is natural oil produced by pressing the seeds of the castor plant. Castor oil is used widely in every continent as it has many benefits. The most common use of castor oil is by patients suffering from problems in their digestive system such as constipation. Aside from helping with stomach related problems, castor oil is also beneficial for …

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Castor Oil for Face Moisturizer

Castor Oil Use for skin

Moisturizer  is used to prevent the skin from  becoming too dry. Moisturizers can treat  skin conditions like eczema and dry skin. It can make the skin appear healthier. Facial Skin Types Normal type facial skin  not oily or dry refers to skin that is neither prone to dryness nor oiliness. Dry type facial skin  is tight and rough Facial  skin …

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Castor Oil for Skin Pigmentation

castor oil skin pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation Skin Pigmentation means the color of the skin is discolored. Skin color comes from a pigment called melanin. Melanin comes from cells in the skin. Cells in the skin can become damaged and when they do it effects melanin production. There are different types of skin pigmentation disorders. Albinism effects one sort of skin disorder, it causes the …

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Castor Oil For Rashes

castor oil for rashes

Rashes are scaly, dry, and itchy. They are overall just annoying. When you get one, you just want to know how to get rid of it as soon as possible. But did you know that castor oil is a great treatment for rashes? Yes, you can use castor oil instead of chemical over the counter medications to treat your rash …

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Castor Oil for Moles

Castor oil moles refer to the ability of the oil present in castor beans to cure moles. Castor bean has a seed that produces the oil with high nutritional levels. This oil is pure and natural as it is extracted through a natural process. In this case, no chemicals are added into the oil prepared, making it a natural remedy …

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Castor Oil for Vitiligo 

Castor oil uses

Castor Oil for Vitiligo Castor oil for vitiligo is a natural treatment for this skin condition that leads to unpleasant white patches. This oil is derived from castor bean seed using a natural process that involves smashing of the seed. However, it is important to note that castor seed is both medicinal and poisonous. This is because it contains ricin …

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