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Castor Oil Uses for hair

Castor Oil Uses for The Hair.

Castor Oil Uses for Hair:

There are many castor oil uses for hair. One castor oil use for hair is promoting faster hair growth.  By applying castor oil directly to the scalp, it will help stimulate the follicles, promoting faster hair growth.

Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate Scalp.

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You can also help preserve hair by using castor oil. Since castor oil is very thick, it helps to protect the hair follicles by preventing hair loss.

Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate Scalp.

Here is another castor oil use for hair. Castor oil helps to increase the shine of hair. Extra sheen on the hair is created because castor oil has the ability to coat the hair while shutting in the moisture making the hair smoother and shinier. So if your hair lacks luster or is dull, here is how I suggest you use castor oil: Conduct a hot oil treatment once per week. You can heat up the castor oil on the stove on in the microwave until warm and apply it to your scale. You can even try mixing castor oil with other oils such as coconut oil or olive oil.

Helps to get Rid of Split Ends

Castor oil can help to get rid of those pesky split ends. Why? Well, because castor oil acts as a natural conditioner because it contains effective fatty acids such as vitamin E, omega 6, and other nutrients which can moisturize dry and damaged hair. By locking in the moisture, castor oil helps to prevent and get rid of those split ends.

Prevents Dandruff and other Scalp Infections

Castor oils is naturally anti-fungal by nature. This makes it a common treatment for dandruff. So, if you have been suffering from dandruff and have find that no over the counter commercial product has worked, you should definitely give castor oil a try. Castor oil even helps to heal a dry scalp because it is extra moisturizing. You should try to apply the castor oil before or after a hair wash

Castor Oil For Eyebrows

Castor oil for eyebrows? Yes, castor oil for eyebrows is very good! Since castor oil helps to stimulate hair growth the same will apply for your eyebrows. Also, castor oil will help to prevent hair loss from you eyelashes and eyebrows. You can apply castor oil weekly or daily in order to see the benefits.

* You can message or rub the castor oil over your eyelashes and eyebrows

* You can also massage the castor oil in your eyebrows for a few minutes

 What’s In Castor Oil Anyway?

So why does castor oil promote faster hair growth?  It’s simple. Castor oil contains a high amount of ribonucleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is a natural anti bacteria and fungal prevention acid. Castor oil is also high in omega 9 acids which by itself are very beneficial to the hair, scalp, and skin.  Since castor oil is so thick, it has the ability to enter deep into your hair follicles to produce desired results for hair growth.


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