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Castor Oil for Scar Tissue

castor 1Castor oil, since ancient times, was  used for medication purposes. Castor oil is a product of castor beans that contains a triglyceride compound known as ribonucleic acid, which is one of the essential amino acids required by the body.


Applying castor oil on scars will not remove the scars completely from the skin or enhance new skin growth but will help to soften the scar and remove some of the fibrous tissues. Thus, will decrease the appearance of the scar, and one will not recognize it quickly.


Castor oil also is essential for the skin as it nourishes the skin. It penetrates into the skin pores and promotes the free circulation of blood.


What Is A Scar?

A scar is a spot that remains on the skin after an injury. An injury appears when a cut or damaged skin heals. Scars forms to repair areas of the skin that had injuries or wounds and seem like black spots on skin giving the skin an odd look.

Castor oil is preferred to reduce the appearance of scars or remove them as castor oil will not clog on the surface of the skin blocking skin pores, and it can cut through excess oil secreted by the body.


Steps to Follow When Applying Castor Oil for Scars

  • Wash the affected region well using a mild soap. Cleaning the affected area will assist in removal of dirt and body oil that may cover the skin and block the skin pores.


After cleaning you can choose not to dry the area completely, this is important, as the moisture will add to the effectiveness of the oil.


  • Scoop a small amount of castor oil using your fingertips. Apply enough oil at your fingertips, as excess oil will only make your skin slippery. Remember, the primary objective is to soften the scars and reduce its appearance and inflammation.
  • Rub the oil over the affected skin gently for some time, probably four to five minutes. Proper massage will help to prevent any irritation around the affected area. Rubbing the oil over the affected area enhances the smooth flow of blood and promotes healing effect.

Furthermore, the pressure exerted by the fingertips will help to open up the pores and soften the skin.



Remove excess oil using a cotton ball when applied in excess.



Do not use the oil on the open skin and always keep the oil away from the eyes.


  • Clean your hands thoroughly after applying the oil to the affected area. This will help you to minimize the spreading of castor oil to other parts of the body.
  • Repeat the procedure regularly twice a day for some time. It may take long before you notice any change, but the results are always fantastic.



Stop using the oil if the infected area becomes red or inflamed. Any sign of skin irritation like the appearance of rashes is an indication of the allergic reaction of your skin with the oil. When such features show up, take caution and consult your doctor.


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