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Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

castor 1The majority of women believe that lush hair adds a lot when it comes to beauty. For that reasons, women die to try to maintain their hair well so as they can wear that beautiful, attractive look. Unfortunately, with increased population and poverty, lack of healthy foods and poor living conditions, hair roots are not getting enough nutrition and support to enable them to grow in a healthy state. As a result, their hair breaks quickly and thins out with time. However, all this can be reversed using castor oil and rosemary oil.


Today many beauty companies have formulated their unique ways of treating hair to aid in hair growth, but the best of all is by using castor oil and rosemary oil. Timely application of castor oil and rosemary oil will cover up the effects of poor nutrition and living conditions.


Why castor oil for healthy hair growth

  • Castor oil is naturally obtained from castor beans. Since it is natural, it has no any harmful to the human body even when digested. It is also 100% safe when used externally on skin, hair or nails.
  • Castor oil also has lubricating and waxing properties that are beneficial to the hair.
  • Also, castor oil also acts best in moisturizing hair, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.
  • More importantly, castor oil is natural thus safe and can be administered as an alternative to other expensive drugs.
  • Castor oil is also cheap and easily available and can be used anywhere in comfort despite other hair treatments that require salon or clinic cost.
  • Castor oil also forms hair tonic when mixed with other ingredients.


Benefits of castor oil on hair growth

Castor oil has ricinoleic acid, one of the necessary amino acids needed by the body. Ricinoleic acid has a unique property that enables it to penetrate into the skin pores and the hair follicles. Being able to reach the hair follicle, it nourishes the hair follicles to restore healthy hair growth. It is effective to use a hair product that will penetrate and reach the hair follicles because the hair shaft is dead. Hair follicles need nourishment to enable growth of healthy normal hair.


Castor oil also prevents direct sun rays from damaging the hair. They reduce the impact of sunshine and protect the existing hair follicles preventing hair from falling frequently.


Castor oil also balances the scalp pH. Level which treats acne and dandruff. Castor oil keeps in check the population of organisms, which are responsible for acne outbreaks and fungal growth like dandruff.


Why rosemary for healthy hair growth

  • Rosemary is an antioxidant that is helpful in the prevention of free radical effects that may be causing hair loss and stunt growth. Free radicals are because of frequent use of chemicals or maybe due to environmental pollution.
  • Rosemary is a stimulant, which stimulates the roots of the hair follicle to grow rapidly when applied to the scalp.
  • Rosemary improves blood flow to the scalp does cause the hair to grow faster.
  • Rosemary fights oiliness. This seems impossible as many can be asking how an oil fight oiliness can. Rosemary has a unique property that enables it to penetrate through the oiliness of hair to provide a clean scalp. When dirt and oil accumulate at your scalp, a layer will be formed thus hindering hair growth. However, if you apply rosemary, frequently your scalp will be cleaned allowing growth of hair freely.
  • Rosemary is anti-inflammatory. Inflammation of the scalps is not always common. Poor dietary and flow of blood are always the cause of Inflammation. An inflamed scalp prevents hair from growing or even can cause shedding of hair. Rosemary can prevent inflammation to enable growth of hair and stop shedding of hair.

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