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Castor Oil for Poison Ivy

castoroilforpoisonivyThe majority of you have taken a walk once or twice in the woods. Hiking is usually a fun experience but can also turn to be a bad one. Do not think about wild animals attacking you but a painful itch on your skin. This severe irritation is because of poison ivy and can be treated using home remedies such as castor oil.


Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is an irritating itch, which is painful and usually caused by urushiol found in certain plants known as poison oak. Kuroshio is an oily or resin that is sticky and sticks to nearly everything. If you are not sure how to identify the plants that contain urushiol, research on them to avoid bumping into them when you go out into the woods.


However, you do not have to touch those plants soaps to get in contact with the urushiol. Pick Urushiol can from any place. Urushiol can be even from your pet, and the resin spread to you through rubbing.


Urushiol can also spread through the air when the plant containing it burns up and then land on your skin. Also, urushiol has a long life, can stay for months.


Therefore, it is important to wash the gardening tools, objects, and clothes that may have met the urushiol to prevent coming into contact with it later.

If it happens you meets urushiol, you should act quickly to reduce the itching and the rashes. The best and simple way is with castor oil.



Castor oil has the drawing properties; Egyptians referred to it as miraculous oil. Castor oil can draw out toxins, poisons, and waste products as well as improve the immune system and is a natural anti-inflammatory too.


How to Use Castor Oil

Soak organic flannel cotton in castor oil then apply it as castor oil pack on the infected area.


How Castor Oil Treats Poison Ivy

Castor oil has a unique feature that enables it to penetrate through body oil and dirt into the skin. Due to this reason, castor oil will penetrate down the resin and prevent the contact of the urushiol with the skin. Hence reduce itching and irritation caused by the resin.

Castor oil is also a natural anti-inflammatory compound. This characteristic of the castor oil will help to reduce rashes and inflammation caused by the poison. Thus, limiting the urge of rubbing over the affected area.


Castor oil also penetrates through skin pores and thus allows proper circulation under the skin reducing the pain caused by the poison.


Castor Oil Has Drawing Properties.


When castor oil is applied on the surface, it will withdraw toxins and poison found on or under the skin. These will help wipe out urushiol from the skin weakening its effects on the skin.


Castor oil is among the best home remedies for treating poison ivy. Castor oil works better when it comes to poison ivy as it has a withdrawing effect of toxins on the body. It is also cheap and easily available thus reliable.





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