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Castor oil and Olive oil

There are moments in life when you feel sluggish or inferior just because of minor health issues like hair loss or some obvious skin problems. Such problems can be cured easily with the daily use of castor oil and olive oil after consulting the doctor. The rich moisturizing and acidic properties of these oils make them one of the widely used all-natural home beauty and health remedies. People use them for hair growth, skin care, and for preventing themselves from diseases like cancer, diabetes, and depression. There are data and researches to prove therapeutic properties of these oils.

You can also benefit greatly from using them in your day-to-day life and take advantage of their medicinal properties for a happy and healthy you.

Benefits of olive oil

  • For hair: Olive oil can be used for treating dandruff problems and curing split ends in hair. Olive oil strengthens your hair from root to top and offers enough moisture to style hair easily. It also gives them sufficient softness for a healthy and shinier look.
  • For skin: Vitamin E-rich olive oil is not only used as a Mediterranean diet but also for slowing down skin cancer with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. It has cleansing properties to have an acnes-free face.
  • Other: It helps you fight depression and stroke while improving the vascular function of elderly people.
  • You can use it to remove paint stains from your hands.
  • You can use it for making homemade furniture polish for removing water rings and scratches, but these methods have additional requirements.

Benefits of castor oil

  • For hair: Castor oil contains omega-6 & 9 fatty acids which enhance the growth of hair and nourish them well for a thicker texture. You can also use olive oil mask for conditioning your hair in a natural way.
  • For skin: It is helpful in curing skin problems like corns & calluses, ringworm and skin tags as it penetrates your skin deeply, softens and moisturizes it to cure the ailment. It takes all dryness from off your skin to give it a soft and smooth appeal. Its anti-aging properties make it a good skin care product that can be used to get a wrinkle-free skin. You can mix it with coconut oil to use it as a sunburn remedy.
  • For muscle problems: Due to thicker composition and warming properties of castor oil, it can be used to get instant relief from joint pain and a menstrual cramp. All you need to do is prepare a castor oil pack and apply it for proper muscle relaxation.

Castor oil and olive oil have many health benefits when used separately, although their mixture can also be used to maintain healthy hair. You will find a number of natural treatments in which these oils are used to cure various diseases. People who like to use natural health and beauty products can use these oils to get shiny hair and soft skin that defy age.



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