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Castor Oil for Keratosis

castor 1A normal human being always enjoy sunshine especially during the mid-morning hour. However, constant exposure of skin to sun rays can be harmful to our health and cause some skin disorders.


Keratosis is one of the skin disorder caused due to constant exposure of the skin to sun rays. Keratosis is usually a growth that appears from the skin as scaly, rough and raised patches.


If you suspect yourself having keratosis, castor oil is the best recommendation for your treatment at is also cheap and easily available.


By simply reading this article, you should be able to understand what keratosis is, and how you can effectively tackle it whenever it strikes.

What Is Keratosis?

Keratosis is a type of skin growth. The growth is not harmful but sometimes it is usually hard to differentiate between it and melanoma a deadly skin cancer. Its unique characters easily identify keratosis.


Location Commonly Found

Numerous growths might emerge though it always starts with one. Growths emerge these main body parts:

  • Shoulders
  • Scalp
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abdomen


  1. Texture

Keratosis growths usually arise as tiny rough areas on the skin. Later they grow into a thick surface. Sometimes they may appear waxy and have bump surfaces.

  1. Shape

Are usually rounded or oval in shape

  1. Color

Keratosis growths are usually brown in color, but they can tend to be yellow or black.


Symptoms of Keratosis

  • Scaly patch of skin raised or flat.
  • Brown, red or pink patches
  • Burning or itching of the affected area


Causes of Keratosis

The primary cause of keratosis is constant exposure of the skin directly to UV rays from the sun.


Does Castor Oil Treat Keratosis?

A lot of research have been conducted on castor oil against keratosis. Keratosis a skin disorder that results from exposure to sunlight. Castor oil has the ability to bind on abnormal skin cells. Thus a great diagnostic tool for keratosis.


Castor oil is a natural oil. Castor oil contains an organic compound, ricin oleic acid, a triglyceride, which is a fatty acid and one of the essential amino acids required by your body. Ricin oleic acid is the component of castor oil that is believed to have the healing effects.


Thus, castor oil can be used as one of the home remedies to treat keratosis. Not everyone affected with keratosis has successfully use castor oil to treat them but castor oil has no harmful effects to our body so it is worth trying. Castor oil having both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties may help to reduce burning and inflammation of the growths and eventually reduce it if applied regularly.


In addition, castor oil also has the ability to penetrate through the skin and open the skin pores. This property enables good blood and air circulation that results to the growth of healthy skin. Castor oil will also prevent the skin affected with keratosis from looking scaly and rough through softening. Equally, it will reduce the size of the keratosis making it unnoticeable. So, before consulting your doctor on keratosis, try out castor oil for some time. You will eventually like the results and appreciate castor oil.


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