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Castor Oil for Keloids

They are some treatments used for keloids. Removing the scars is one of the treatments for keloids though it can result in severe consequences.


castor 1Furthermore, there is a higher probability that the wound caused by the surgery can later heal to form a keloid scar again. Laser treatments also bring poor outcomes. In this article, you will know of the best treatment option for keloid scars. That is treating keloid scar using castor oil.


What Are Keloids?

Keloids commonly termed as keloid disorder or keloid scar is the development of a particular type of injury that is big in size and is composed of mainly type 3 or type 1 collagen.


Keloid scars move above the skin level, and unlike the ordinary scar, keloids do not regress. Excess growth of type 3 collagen (granulation tissue) causes keloids scar.


Later, are replaced with Type one collagen at the injured place during the healing process. They are solid, shiny fibrous nodules that appear in different colors ranging from pink to red or red to dark brown.


Symptoms of Keloids

  • They are solid growths that grow on the healthy
  • They can cause irritation with a needle-like pain and itching
  • When it becomes infected it ulcerate


Benefits of Castor Oil on Keloid Scars

Castor oil is naturally obtained from castor beans. Castor beans contain a triglyceride compound known as ribonucleic acid, a fatty acid, which is one of the essential amino acids required by the body.


Applying of castor oil on keloid scars, will neither remove the scars completely from the skin nor promote new skin growth but will help to soften the scar and remove some of the fibrous tissues. This will decrease its size and appearance of the scar thus one will not recognize it quickly.


Castor oil also open skin pores and allows good air circulation as it can penetrate through dirt and body oils that may have clogged the skin.


Steps on Applying Castor Oil for Keloid Scars

WARNING: Do not use castor oil on the open skin, and always keep the oil away from the eyes.


  • Clean and keep the keloid scar moisturized. Cleaning helps to remove dirt and body oils while moisture improves the effectiveness of castor oil on the scar.
  • Pour some castor oil on your Remember, the primary objective is to soften the scars and reduce its appearance and inflammation.
  • Massage the oil over the affected skin gently for some time, probably four to five minutes. This will help to prevent any irritation around the affected area. Rubbing the oil over the affected area enhances good flow of blood and promotes healing effect.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly after applying the oil on the keloid scar. This will help you reduce the spreading of castor oil to other parts of the body.
  • Repeat the procedure regularly twice a day for some time. It may take long before you notice any change, but the results are always fantastic.

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