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Castor Oil health Benefits

castor oil health benefis

Where does Castor Oil Come From?

Castor oil is taken from the seeds of the ricinus communis or the castor plant. The seed produces a yellow oil that has no apparent smell.

Castor oil Health Benefits and the Modern Health Industrial Complex

There are many health benefits of castor oil, although further research is still needed to know the full extent of its health benefits. Since ancient times, castor oil has been used by regular people and doctors alike.

However, many “natural remedies” have not been explored by modern doctors. This is possibly due to the desire to keep the drug industry profitable. Nevertheless, castor oil health benefits are widely known.

Castor Oil Health Benefits

Castor oil has properties that make it penetrate deeper into the skin. Thus when you rub castor oil onto the skin, it can act as a laxative, alleviating pain and minimizing inflation. Ricinoleic acid, a rare fatty acid, is found in castor oil. Ricinoleci acid helps to ward off a variety of bacteria, viruses, and other fungus. Castor oil has been known to get rid of things like keratosis, scars, and ringworms.

Castor Oil gets rid of back pain, arthritis and general muscle pain.

Castor oil can relieve general muscle pain. If you are suffering from back pain, arthritis, or general muscle soreness or pain. Consider using this application: apply castor oil to the area where you are experiencing pain then add a hot water bottle or heating pad over this area.The heating add will help the castor oil become more effective. If you don’t want to use heat, castor oil works just fine by itself for pain alleviation.

Castor Oil is an effective laxative.

Castor oil can alleviate constipation. Take a half of castor oil and it will have a little laxative effect.

Castor Oil gets rid of intestinal worms.

Castor oil is known to get rid of tape worms. Mix warm milk with castor oil and take it three times a day in order for the tape worms to be disposed of.

Castor Oil gets rid of stomachaches

Castor oil can help relieve stomachaches. Massage the castor oil over your bellybutton and abdomen area. This will help extract the gas which is causing the pain.

Castor Oil cures vaginal and urinary tract infections

You only need to put the oil directly onto the skin and cover the oil with a warm towel to experience the healing.

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Castor Oil treats skin infections

Castor oil can be used to treat minor skin infections. If you have a cut, apply castor oil and put a bandied on top. Treat it each day until healed..

Castor Oil provides relief for menstrual cramps

Castor oil can naturally alleviate menstrual cramps. Rub some castor oil over your lower abdomen. Do this repeatedly and your pain will be alleviated.

Helps with menstrual irregulars and uterine or overatian cysts

You can rub the castor oil over your lower abdomen and this is known to help.

Castor Oil Reduces swollen lymph nodes

If you have swollen lymph nodes, just massage castor oil over them. It may take a couple of days, but eventually the lymph nodes will reduce in size.

Castor oil cures sleeplessness and insomnia

Yes! Castor oil can even help insomnia. If you suffer from sleeplessness, rub some castor oil over your eyelids before you go to sleep. Castor oil will help you to naturally relax, when applied over the eyelids.

Castor Oil Reduces hemorrhoids

Apply a cotton ball with plenty of castor oil on it onto the hemorrhoid.

Castor Oil relieves gallbladder pain

If you are having pain in the gallbladder you can sooth it by applying castor oil packs where you are experiencing pain.

Castor Oil relieves aching feet

If you are experiencing foot pain castor oil can help to relieve your aching feel. Massage the castor oil all over your feet and put on your socks. You will experience less pain and more comfort. The more sharp your pain the more castor oil you should apply, you might even consider using plastic or cermatic wrap for it.

Castor Oil increases white blood cell count. This helps the immune system.

Castor oil seems to have the ability to increase our bodies white blood cells. Just in case you don know, white cells play an important role in health and healing.

This can be helpful for anyone who is suffering from a weakened immune system such as:

  • Those whom have underwent or are undergoing chemotherapy
  • HIV
  • Lupus, or any other autoimmune disease
  • Shingles.

Castor Oil Heals Cysts

Castor oil can heal cysts. Just apply the castor oil with a gauge over it and see the result within two weeks.


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  1. where can i buy your products

    • where can i buy castor oil eye drop for cartract

      • Hello Robert
        Thanks for stopping by. You can purchase castor oil at the link below. The product is cold pressed which means there are no chemicals or other harmful additives to the oil. Enjoy!
        Home Health Castor Oil Cold Pressed & Cold Processed 8 fl. oz.Reply

        • I remember using Mane n Tail back in the day, too…my mohter always kept some in our house. During the period in my life when my hair was healthiest, MnT was my staple product.As I got older, I started using products that were more expensive, more “stylish,” came in sleeker bottles…but my hair never looked as healthy as it did when I used regular ol’ Mane n Tail. I’m going to pick up a bottle next time I’m at the drugstore!

  2. Just began using Jamaican black Castrol oil on my face. Slight improvement. Been using this Castrol oil for my hair.. My hair before thin, now, thick, thick shiny growing fast. Love this product.

  3. My ancestors in Africa used to make this oil and use it often; esplaicley when preparing brides for marriage and had to be hidden and massaged for a month. Now I read about ricin and I cannot understand. Is thee Black Castor Oil safe or what? I am in Canada and I imported it from Uganda, made the same way the Jamaicans make it…..roast the bean first……just like all our African ancestors prepared it.

    • Yes, castor oil is safe. There is a special, complicated process scientists use to separate the ricin from the castor beans. IN other words, you’re not going to get poisoned anytime soon from using castor oil as it will take a professional to make the poision.

    • Would you happen to know how to make/harvest castor?

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