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Castor Oil for Teeth and Gums

Castor Oil for Teeth and GumsAlmost everyone has experienced toothache or infected with gum diseases. Some research has proven that a toothache is the most painful ache. A toothache can even send one out to look for a doctor in the middle of the night. On the other hand, gum disease is a severe chronic infection, hard to fix.


However, after reading through this article, carefully you will be able to handle toothaches and gum diseases with ease. A good solution for pain and some gum diseases is castor oil. Castor oil reduces cavity and cure gum diseases.

Though toothache and gum diseases are two different things, they relate in the sense that both occur in the mouth. Thus, discussed differently in this article.



Toothache is an acute pain caused by nerve due to an exposure of nerve roots. Exposure of nerve roots can be because of either receding gum or worn out fillings.

A toothache usually requires the doctor attention; however, they are some simple treatments one can easily access. One of them being the use of castor oil.

Steps for Applying Castor Oil for a Toothache



  • Apply enough castor oil to the area that is in pain. In the case of pain, apply castor oil on the cheek.


Cover castor oil with a layer of saran before applying to the chicks. This will prevent one from swallowing castor oil, which can cause stomach cramps or loose stools.

  • Then apply a heating pad or warm towel to the area. Be cautious to avoid burning the skin.
  • Keep the heat for about 20 minutes.


How Castor Oil Reduces Toothache

Castor oil pack is the best tool for pain relief when it comes to a toothache. The castor oil stimulates the flow of the blood accumulated with microbes, in the case of infection, or with pain releasing compounds such as cytokines, in the case of dental nerve irritation.


Gum Disease

Gum diseases is a more serious and dangerous infection as it can lead to teeth loss. It is chronic and cannot be fixed easily. Therefore, for gum disease prevention is better than cure. Gum disease infection also increases with age; it is the main cause of adult tooth loss.

The first stage of gum disease is gingivitis. This is inflammation of the gums due to the accumulation of bacteria, mucus and food particles forming plaque. The build-up of plaque later results to swelling of the gums and infection.

Home remedies such as castor oil prevent or improve swelling of the gums and infections caused by microbes.


How Castor Oil Promotes and Prevent Gum Diseases


  1. Castor oil is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. This will help reduce swelling of the gums and inflammation.
  2. Castor oil also improves the circulation of blood in the gum nerves reducing pain and accumulation of blood and microbes preventing infection.
  3. Lastly, castor oil improves blood flow causing proper nourishment of the gums with nutrients and oxygen. These will provide an unfavorable environment for bacterial growth hence reducing gum infection too.




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