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Castor Oil for Polycystic Ovaries

castor 1Castor oil for centuries treats and cures many disorders due to its benefits on health condition. Researchers have described it has the best cathartic or powerful laxative inducing compound.


However, in-depth studies have proven that castor oil can be harmful when used as a laxative, because of its toxic effects when taken in the body. However, castor oil works better externally as castor oil packs for therapy. Castor oil used as castor oil packs treats certain health conditions such as polycystic ovaries, assimilation and elimination of waste products and inflammatory factors.


What Are Castor Oil Packs?

Castor oil packs are a small box of bags that contain castor oil. Components of Castor Oil Pack

  • Castor oil
  • Two pieces of plastic
  • One yard cotton flannel
  • Sizeable bath towel
  • Safety pins


For better results, use castor oil pack at least three to five times a week. In case there are no visible results, you can extend up to six-week treatment period using them five times a week.


What Is A Polycystic Ovary?

Polycystic ovaries are ovaries enlarged in size and contain numerous fluid-filled sacs, which surrounds the eggs.


Polycystic ovaries contain many harmless follicles that reach Castor oil packs are common as they enhance the healing elements of the castor oil to be directly absorbed through the skin.


In the polycystic ovary, syndrome follicles are often unable to release an egg, which affects ovulation.


Other Features of Polycystic Ovaries

  • Irregular periods a condition that results when ovaries stop realizing eggs regularly.
  • Abnormal level of androgen, the male hormone, in the body, which may lead to physical signs such as excess facial or body hair.


How Castor Oil Heals Polycystic Ovaries

Castor oil packs have a great ability as they enhance the healing properties of the castor oil to be absorbed through the skin directly. Castor oil has the unique feature that enables it to sink through the skin to relax smooth muscle.


This great ability has been of great advantage and beneficial especially to the body organs that are hollow, including the blood vessels, lymph vessels, uterus and the liver. The use of castor oil pack also helps to boost blood flow and helps in elimination of waste products, particularly in the lymphatic system.


Castor oil pack commonly used to get rid of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts that are not cancerous. Castor oil pack also reduce ovarian pain and promotes the healing after a ruptured ovarian cyst.


Castor oil pack also helps to increase blood circulation through the pelvis. A good flow of blood through the pelvis is health. Good blood flow propels nutrients to reach the cells in time, as waste products and inflammatory factors also eliminated in time.


Using castor oil pack is the best natural and simple way of treating polycystic ovaries. Castor oil is also cheap and available. Also, Castor oil pack application is also simple. Thus, one can administer easily for himself. If you have polycystic ovaries, the best solution as a home remedy is castor oil.


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