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Castor oil for Nail Growth

Castor oil for Nail GrowthCastor oil for nail growth is a natural beauty therapeutic remedy. It is important to care for the nails just like any other part of the body such as hair and facial skin. Though castor oil has some toxins, it is safe for use orally and topically on the skin as the toxins are normally eliminated during the processing of the oil.

This oil is extracted from castor bean seed when in its pure form. The oil is available as a cosmetic pack prepared for use on nails for healthy and enhanced growth.

Vital information about nails

Nails are formed by several layers of keratin protein cells that are dead. This is the same process that forms the hair and skin cells. Parts of the nail include;

  • Nail plate- It is the hard part of the nail whose role is to protect the skin under which is sensitive.
  • Nail matrix-This is the part where the growth of nail occurs.
  • Nail bed- The soft part under the nail plate
  • Lunula- The tip of the nail that is crescent shaped and develops over the nail plate
  • Cuticle- The thin tissue present at the base of nail plate
  • Nail folds- The skin that holds the nail plate in place

Factors that influences the growth of nails

  • Age-The peak growth of nails takes place between 10-14 years of age while slowing down in adulthood. However, the nails of infants grow slower than those of adult persons.
  • Dominance of a hand- The nails of the most used hand tends to grow faster than that of the other. This is because as the hand is used, the nails becomes hardened hence growing faster.
  • Location- Nails on the index fingers grows faster than those on the thumbs and picky fingers.

Benefits of castor oil on nails

  • Accelerates growth of nails due to the presence of vitamins and minerals in the oil
  • Hardens the nail plate hence boosting protection of the nail bed
  • Keeps the nail moisturized, smooth and shinny
  • Protects the nails from bacterial and fungal attacks

How to use castor oil for nail growth

  • Treat the nails
    Castor oil is used in the treatment of nails that can be done once in a week. In this case, warm the water and add few drops of the oil. Then, soak the finger nails for about 10 minutes while those of the toes for 30 minutes. Remove the nails and dry them thoroughly.
  • Massage the nails
    Once the nails are clean and soft, it is time to massage them. Pour few drops of castor oil on a cotton pad and massage the nails gently with it.
  • Trim the nails
    Once the massage process is over, trim the nails if need be. This involves cutting and smoothening of lunula using a nail file. Also, using the cuticle pusher, the over grown cuticles should be removed while the others are aligned well.


Castor oil can lead to allergy characterized by skin reactions to some people. Thus, use of castor oil for nail growth should be stopped immediately if irritation on the skin is experienced.

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