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Castor Oil and Mustard Oil for Hair Growth

There are times when people seek the most beneficial remedies or treatment methods for promoting hair growth. This can be due to genetically weak hair growth or due to hair loss. From amongst these two, hair loss is the most common issue.


Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • Certain diseases can cause hair loss. These diseases include alopecia areata, thyroid and ringworm.
  • Taking too much stress can lead to conditions that causes hair loss.
  • Genetic reasons can also cause hair loss.
  • Certain medical treatments such as Chemotherapy.
  • Many women even complain of experiencing hair loss during pregnancy.
  • Lack of protein, vitamin B and iron deficiency.


Different Treatment Methods for Treating Hair Loss

To prevent hair loss, people try many methods of treatment but most of these methods are expensive, or harmful to health. Medical and salon treatments often include use of chemicals which are hazardous to health and damage the scalp’s skin. Sometimes, these chemicals even lead to irritating allergic reactions. Pills and capsules prescribed for hair loss can give way to side effects.

Instead of these treatment methods, people have resolved to herbal remedies as they are often cheaper and rarely cause side effects.


Castor Oil and Mustard Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil is widely used for this issue as it contains certain acids which boost the blood flow in the scalp and this assists in faster hair growth. It even provides various other benefits for the hair and scalp such as strengthening hair roots, increasing the volume of hair, etc. Aside from castor oil, mustard oil is used for boosting hair growth as well. Mustard oil contains iron, calcium and magnesium which play a huge role in promoting hair growth.


Castor Oil Head Massage:

Heat castor oil by placing its bottle in some boiling water. Once the oil is warm enough, take a small amount of the oil in your hands and massage it into your hair. Make sure you massage your hair in a way that the oil reaches the roots properly.


Castor Oil Blend for Hair Growth:


3 teaspoons of castor oil

3 teaspoons of coconut oil

3-4 drops of rosemary essential oil



Mix these ingredients in a bowl and heat them on a double boiler or any preferred heating method.

Make sure the ingredients are blended well.

Massage this blend into your scalp for 10 minutes.

Let the oil stay for at least 30 more minutes before washing it off.


Mustard Oil and Fenugreek Seeds

This recipe allows you to prepare a supply of hair oil that will last for quite a while.

Soak ¼ cup of fenugreek seeds in a cup of mustard oil. Let it soak overnight.

Heat this mixture in the morning and strain the seeds away.

Once cooled down, apply the oil in your hair and massage it into your scalp properly.

Rinse your hair after an hour or two. The longer you let the oil stay in your hair, the better the result would be.


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