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Castor Oil and Almond Oil

castor 1Castor Oil is natural oil produced by pressing the seeds of the castor plant. Castor oil is used widely in every continent as it has many benefits. The most common use of castor oil is by patients suffering from problems in their digestive system such as constipation. Aside from helping with stomach related problems, castor oil is also beneficial for the following problems:



    Heals acne, inflammation in skin and dry patches.
•    Evens the skin tone and fades skin blemishes.
•    Boosts healthier hair growth and keeps hair moisturized.

•    Oral intake boosts immune system.
•    Helps with arthritis, body pain, etc.
•    Applying on open wounds helps to kill any bacteria or infection.
Due to all of these benefits and many more, castor oil has become the main ingredient in many herbal remedies.
Almond Oil is also oil produced usually with the help of an oil presser. Almond oil can also be made in home easily by using oil pressers or by blending almonds with olive oil and leaving the mixture for 2 weeks before filtering it.

Almond oil also has many benefits such as:

•    Reduces dark circles, skin aging rate, dead skin cells, wrinkles and tan.
•    Applying it on eyelashes boosts hair eyelash growth.
•    Applying it on stretch marks makes them fade.
•    Almond oil when used in hair treats dandruff, split ends, and inflammation in the scalp.
•    Helps with heart diseases including blood pressure.
•    Maintains cholesterol level and blood circulation in the body.
•    Provides important nutrients to the body and relieves joint pains and muscle stress.
Since almond oil can be made at home and is not very expensive when purchased, it is widely used by people all over the world for its beauty and health benefits.
Castor oil and almond oil are used together in many beneficial herbal remedies. Some of them are given below:
Split Ends:
1.    Take equal proportions of castor oil, olive oil and almond oil.
2.    Mix these together and massage it into your hair.
3.    Leave the oil mixture in your hair for two to three hours then rinse it with shampoo.
Anti-Aging Under Eye Cream:
1.    Mix equal proportions of castor oil with sweet almond oil.
2.    Apply the mixture under the eye and rinse after about 20 minutes.

Healthy Hair
Herbal oils are the best source of boosting hair growth and to thicken the volume of hair. People have tried many different combinations of oils for healthy hair but the following remedy has been approved as the best:
1.    Mix together equal amount of coconut oil, almond oil and sesame oil.
2.    In this mixture, add half the amount of castor oil and blend well.
3.    Add few drops of Vitamin E and stir well.
4.    Massage well in hair and leave the mixture overnight.
Lighten Lip Color:
1.    Mix equal amount of castor oil and almond oil.
2.    Apply this mixture on lips everyday as a lip balm.
This remedy will lighten the color of the lips and make them look healthier.

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